"Very professional and caring group of eye care providers. We have nothing but accolades for this entire group and their fine support staff as well."
John P.
"The staff was phenomenal and the results incredible!"
Jesse A.
"I couldnt ask for better service. I was made to feel like a VIP. I had all of my questions answered. Thanks to everyone for your kindness."
Douglas A.
"The Hughes Eye Group is a tremendous group of professionals. It was obvious that they care about the patient and that they are passionate about their work. I highly recommend Hughes Eye Group!"
Benny T.
"Everyone was very friendly and professional, from the receptionist to the doctor. I was seen at the time my appointment was scheduled, and all of my questions were answered."
Patricia F.

Ocular Allergies

Ocular AllergiesOne in five Americans have ocular allergies.  This common condition is also called allergic conjunctivitis. Symptoms of ocular allergies may include burning, itching, redness, and tearing.  While this condition is more common during the spring and fall months, many suffer from ocular allergies year round.  Treatment may include systemic or topical medications depending on the severity of your condition.  Many other ocular conditions may mimic the symptoms of ocular allergies, so it is best to have an eye exam to determine the exact cause of your ocular discomfort.

The Hughes Eye Group offers in office allergy testing.  The results may help you identify which environmental triggers to avoid as well as help your doctor create an appropriate treatment plan for your condition.  Insurance may cover this test when medically indicated.

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